The New Dads Survival Guide

new dadBeing a new parent requires a great deal of adjustment. Not only do you have to adjust to a built-in alarm going off every two hours or so, you also have to adjust to the changes your wife is making. Being a new dad is exciting, stressful, and scary but these tips will help make the transition a little easier.

1. Get Excited

Oftentimes, dads are forgotten when a new baby comes into the picture. It’s nothing personal; there’s just so much going on around you. Don’t be afraid to participate in the excitement, however. It’s important for you to express your feelings about your new baby.

2. Be Inquisitive

If you want to know something about the baby, don’t be afraid to ask. Learn as much as you can about your new addition and how your wife is adjusting to being a new mom. Also be inquisitive about yourself. It’s common to have doubts about the type of parent you’re going to be to your little one. Don’t let these doubts interfere with your role as a good dad; every parent has doubts.

3. Be Attentive

Be sure you’re paying attention to as much as possible. Many new parents feel the stress and pressure a baby puts on them as individuals and as a couple. Pay attention to when you and your wife need a break and make it happen. Be aware of when you need time away, too. Your wife and baby are important but so are you. Make time to meet up with friends and enjoy some male bonding.

4. Pitch In

Get in there and roll up your sleeves. Changing diapers is a great time to bond with your little one and nothing says I love you like cleaning up the kitchen. Parenting is a team effort and you’re one of the team captains. You may feel more connected to your wife by helping out, which is always a good thing.

Parenting is a hands-on adventure that will forever impact your life. In fact, life as you knew it no longer exists. You’re now a dad who is responsible for another person. It can be overwhelming, especially when finances get in the middle, but it’s the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do. Any big change in life brings about new feelings and emotions, and speaking with a psychiatrist can help. It’s important to be in your best physical and mental health for yourself and your family.

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Dr. Amanda Itzkoff

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