depression treatment

Depression Treatment in Manhattan New York City with Award Winning Psychiatrist Dr. Amanda Itzkoff, MD.

Have you found yourself hindered by depression and unable to source a depression treatment that is effective for your condition?

Depression can include a crippling sense of hopelessness, sadness and/or despair that can sometimes linger weeks and months. It often permeates your daily activities rendering you uninterested in initiatives that once brought you happiness. The illness can drain your energy, deprive you of sleep, appetite and focus. Teens and adults suffering with depression frequently withdraw from friends and family and lose total interest in their hobbies. Major depression or major depressive disorder can bring with it further limitations like an inability to leave the home which can severely limit and adults ability to work and support themselves.

Finding an effective depression treatment alone is a daunting challenge for anyone suffering with it. Friends and family rarely have helpful techniques beyond the occasional encouraging phrases “keep your head up”, “everyone has down times”. Although many people mean well when they say these colloquialisms it can leave someone who’s struggling with a mental illness feeling delegitimized and isolated. It’s important not to let these passive remarks discourage you from healing in your own way. If necessary reach out to a professional for their support and guidance.

You are not alone; Amanda Itkoff, MD can support you in finding a depression treatment that is right for you. She is an award winning psychiatrist conveniently located in Manhattan, NYC. She offers treatments that work when nothing else will like rTMS, dTMS and Ketamine Treatment. Dr. Itzkoff will lend constructive, compassionate support and suggest new tools to help you achieve happiness and wellness. Each person has the power to lead a fulfilling, content life. Dr. Itzkoff looks forward to helping you bring the joy back into yours.

Dr. Itzkoff Helps Patients Find an Effective Depression Treatment and Supports Patients Suffering from the Following Other Mental Illnesses:

  • Adolescent and teen depression
  • Bipolar disorder and manic depressive illness
  • Clinical depression in adults
  • Grief recovery and coping with loss
  • Major depressive disorder
  • Mood swings and mood disorders
  • Women with postpartum depression
  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

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