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Couples Counseling and Marriage Counseling in Manhattan, NYC – Dr. Amanda Itzkoff

While it is human nature to experience some conflict in relationships, prolonged marital problems or relationship turmoil can significantly impact the well being of the individuals involved and the family as a whole. Dr. Itzkoff lends an impartial and compassionate ear to couples that find themselves in the midst of constant discord, trust issues, or relationship ambivalence.

As a relationship therapist, Dr. Itzkoff gives each person the opportunity to express emotions and identify persistent challenges. She encourages open sharing and helps individuals become more receptive to constructive feedback from their partner. The successful restoration of a relationship involves far more than venting frustrations and accusations. Dr. Itzkoff helps couples improve interaction with one another by suggesting actionable, manageable steps toward accepting responsibility and focusing on the future.

Personalized and Compassionate Couples Counseling and Marriage Counseling from an Award-Winning Psychiatrist

Couples find her to be a welcome mediator of chronic conflict and appreciate her ability to objectively identify unhealthy behaviors and find ways for improvement. Dr. Itzkoff is very skilled in helping individuals see their partner and their relationship in a new light by restoring a common focus on well being, trust, mutual respect, and enjoyment.

Dr. Itzkoff also lends specialized support to those seeking premarital counseling and can be a vital asset to couples as they join in marriage and begin their lives on a common path.

Her compassionate care and therapeutic support is also available to individuals or couples ending a relationship or navigating divorce. Her counsel can be instrumental in helping you maintain personal wellness and balance during these challenging transitions.

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