A wonderful Doctor, role model & asset to the field of Psychiatry!

by anonymousgirl123
I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Amanda Itzkoff. I have been in therapy for many years and am constantly faced with the challenge of finding a doctor that is not only up to date and careful with medication but also a great therapist . It has been a long road of seeing many doctors and spending a lot of money without positive results. In January of 2008, I finally found the best psychiatrist who is not only brilliant (her credentials are amazing as you can see and in addition to private practice, she is teaching at Mt. Sinai so always knows latest info on meds) but the way she listens and works with me to succeed and improve has been life changing. She is very well rounded in many areas (always reading the journal when I come in 🙂 She is always responsive to my calls, easy and comfortable to talk to and genuinely cares so much. She is results driven and always has an action plan. I wish everyone in search of a great psychiatrist to meet Dr. Itzkoff.

Dr. Itzkoff saved my life!

by confidential999
I am certain I would not be here now were it not for the support and amazing efforts of my psychiatrist, Dr. Amanda Itzkoff. She is so warm and sensitive. I can tell her enything, knowing that I will never be judged. All the while, I feel at ease knowing that I am in some of the most expert hands this city has to offer. Dr. Itzkoff encouraged me to make medication adjustments that eventually brought about the complete remission of symptoms that had plagued me for years and that no other doctor had successfully treated. I am so lucky to have found this wonderful, caring, and truly genius psychiatrist!

Pros: intelligent, warm, thorough, reachable at all times
Cons: none

Time Counts

by Woods of Woodstock
Dr.Itzkoff had a quick return time with messages at all times and emergencies. She was supportive, compassionate, and skilled in observing and assessing the whole picture and took great measures to accommodate the various needs I had. Especially with agencies and clinics, which made me, as a parent and caregiver feel safe. She was able to stabilize the situation with a good combination of medications and it was discussed and clarified each time. I am so thankful I found her and will be forever grateful.

Pros: Great amount of time spend observing and assessing

America’s BEST shrink

by Masters Student at Citysearch
Dr. Itzkoff has consistently gone above and beyond to help me. She has been there for me, when, in my previous experience, no other “shrink” EVER was. She is a genius, an expert psychopharmacologist, and really, an absolutely superbly knowledgeable doctor all around. But more than that, she has consistently demonstrated care, concern, and dedication. I really dont think there is anyone out there who could even come close to helping me the way Dr. Itzkoff has. There never has been before. You couldn’t pay me to see anyone else!

Verified ZocDoc User (name withheld for privacy) saw Amanda Itzkoff, MD on July 17, 2009


The best experience I’ve had with a doctor in a very long time. Dr. I was welcoming, enthusiastic, patient, thoughtful, brilliant, and offered me the hope I have been looking for. She is committed to this as I am! thank god!

Verified ZocDoc User (name withheld for privacy) saw Amanda Itzkoff, MD on July 13, 2009


What a relief! I met a great, warm, caring doctor. She was extremely intelligent and helped me learn about all the possible treatments for my illness so that i could make the best possible choice for my lifestyle. It was so amazing to finally feel like a person, not just a number, again. Thank you!!

Verified ZocDoc User (name withheld for privacy) saw Amanda Itzkoff, MD on July 6, 2009


Amazing doctor. Nothing like the other psychiatrists I’ve met. “got me” right away. so eager to help me solve a problem that has plagued me for years and which i didnt know I could be helped with until I met Dr. Itzkoff. I am so thankful to have met this amazing doc. Thank you Dr. Itzkoff!

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