Reproductive Psychiatry


Reproductive Psychiatry and Women’s Mental Health Services in Manhattan, NYC from Dr. Amanda Itzkoff, MD

Reproductive Psychiatry is a specialty that helps women with psychiatric conditions that develop in relation to specific points in their reproductive life cycle, such as their menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and perimenopause.

Compassionate and Personalized Reproductive Psychiatry and Women’s Metal Health Counselling from an Award-Winning Psychiatrist

For many women, the changes that take place during the reproductive years can trigger emotional symptoms as well as physical. If you find yourself suffering from mood or psychiatric conditions related to your reproductive cycle – from severe premenstrual symptoms (PMDD) to postpartum mood or anxiety disorders to emotional difficulties during menopause – Dr. Amanda Itzkoff can help.

Dr. Itzkoff is one of only a handful of Psychiatrists in the United States specializing in this relatively new and under-served field of care.


Reproductive Psychiatry Specialty Areas:
  • PMS & PMDD
  • Pre-Pregnancy Planning
  • Infertility Diagnosis
  • Assisted Reproduction
  • IVF
  • Adoption
  • Pre-Natal Care
  • Postpartum Care
  • Medication Management
  • Miscarriage
  • Reproductive Loss & Grief

If you find yourself suffering from a mood or psychiatric condition relating to your reproductive cycle, Dr. Itzkoff is here to help with compassionate and professional care and the most up-to-date treatment options for this specialized field of care.

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