5 Tips For Celebrating the Holidays While Coping with an Eating Disorder

holidays-eating-disordersThe holidays are full of food, family, and friends. If you’re coping with an eating disorder, the holidays may not be your favorite time of the year. Not to worry! You can stay the course of your recovery and enjoy the holidays, too. Here are 5 tips to help!

Eat Regularly

Create a pattern by eating your meals around the same time each day. It’s also important not to skip meals, even if you’re anticipating a large lunch/dinner with family and friends.

Reach Out

You might be apprehensive about the foods served during the holidays and how you’re going to manage them. If so, don’t be afraid to reach out and talk with a friend, family mentor, or your therapist about your concerns. Most people will happily make an effort to accommodate your needs and concerns.

Focus on Your Personal Goals

These goals should be about doing something rather than preventing something. For example, a personal goal could be to participate in caroling or volunteering. Be sure to include relationship, emotional, and spirituals goals, too.

Stay Active in Support Groups

You’re not the only one experiencing difficulty or frustration during the holidays. Take advantage of support groups to help you manage the holidays effectively and positively.

Be Flexible

Give yourself the gift of no self-imposed criticism. You don’t have to be perfect and you shouldn’t criticize yourself for not being perfect. Be flexible with your guidelines and expectations of yourself and your food.

It’s important to remain steadfast in your efforts to cope with your eating disorder and the holidays can be an especially difficult time. However, following these 5 tips will make things much easier for you.

Be Well,
Dr. Amanda Itzkoff
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Dr. Amanda Itzkoff is trained in Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology in New York, and can help you move beyond the struggles of an eating disorder. If you are looking for more information on eating disorders, please feel free to contact us via email. To schedule a consultation, please contact our office at 917-609-4990. .

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