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8 Medical Risks of Depression

Depression is a mental illness that affects approximately 14.8 million adults. If left untreated, depression can adversely affect your physical health. Heart Disease Depression can lead to heart disease, make heart disease worse, and make it more difficult to recover from complications of heart disease. In fact, depression can increase your risk of having a […] Read more…


Are Medications Available to Prevent Drinking?

Absolutely! Because millions of people struggle with alcohol dependence, medications are available to help curb the desire to consume alcohol. Medications have been used for decades to help treat and prevent alcohol abuse and the results continue to be encouraging. In fact, the first medication to be used for alcohol dependence was first prescribed as […] Read more…

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Anxiety Disorders: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options

It is a common thing to have moments of anxiety in your daily life – a missed deadline at work, unpaid bills, a meeting with your boss. However, what is not common is to have these moments of anxiety turn into daily battles that limit your ability to perform your usual tasks. While there are […] Read more…

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