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11 Signs You Might Be Struggling with Adult ADHD

Before the discovery of ADHD, many people were not diagnosed and, therefore not treated. Left untreated, ADHD can cause a number of mental and physical health issues, difficulties with finances and work, and can put a strain on your marriage and other relationships. It’s important to recognize the signs of adult ADHD so that you […] Read more…


5 Ways Marriage Counseling Can Help You Create a Happier Relationship

Every marriage must overcome obstacles in order to flourish. Marriage counseling may not be the first martial aid you think of, but it could very well be the one that, not only saves your marriage, but makes it even stronger and more fulfilling. In marriage counseling, you’ll learn different techniques that bring about positive effects […] Read more…

5 Popular Misconceptions about Psychiatry

Historically, mental illness is a subject that is often met with discomfort, skepticism, and fear. As a result, the world of Psychiatry, unless a person has actually seen a Psychiatrist, or knows someone who has, is often met with these same feelings of skepticism. In fact, here are five misconceptions that many Psychiatrists, like myself, […] Read more…

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