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Drug Addiction vs. Substance Use Disorder: The Impact Language Can Have on Social Stigmas

New York City Drug Addiction Statistics in 2016 According to the most recent data from The National Survey on Drug Use, drug addiction and substance use disorder metrics in New York City are actually, slowly, improving. The national average of residents that reported using illicit substances in the past month is 8.82% and New York […] Read more…

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The Danger of Opiate Abuse and the rise of Fentanyl: Overdose Prevention and Treatment

The Rise in Fentanyl-Relateted Overdoses in New York City Recently some distressing news came from the New York City Department of Health: between July and October of 2016, nearly half (47% or about 350) of all overdose deaths in the city were related to the opiate Fentanyl. Taken without prescription and careful monitoring, Fentanyl can […] Read more…