7 Tips For Getting Over a Breakup

breakupEnding a meaningful relationship is hard, whether you decided to end it or it was the other person’s decision.

You’re likely dealing with a lot of conflicting emotions. That’s normal. Just try your best to allow these “roller coaster” emotions to flow.

And, of course, realize that getting over a breakup takes time and patience.

With that said, here are 7 tips that can help ease the grieving process:

1. Get rid of his clothing or other physical reminders of him.
Get everything about him out of your space. The key is to remove anything that can trigger a memory or thoughts of him.

2.  Make some changes. 
Change things up around your apartment or house. Clean out your closets, rearrange your furniture and create a new look. This will help keep your mind on something else. Changing things up will also help reduce memories of.

3. Avoid and stay away from him.
Don’t stalk him on social media, follow him around, or try to “bump into him.” As hard as it might seem, do you best to avoid him. Give him space and give yourself the space you both need during this time.

4. Talk it out with friends.
Call your friends, have a girls’ night and let yourself spew it out to them. Sometimes purging and talking with friends can make you feel better instantly.

5. Give yourself a period of grieving.
Cry until your stomach hurts. Get yourself that time you need to grieve and feel your feelings. You don’t want to repress your feelings, so get the tears out.

6. Get out in nature.
It might be the last thing you want to do, but get out and exercise in nature. Go for a walk or a hike. The fresh air and movement will help you feel better.

7. Learn to live your life again.
This may be one of the hardest things you do, but get out there and live your life again. Take a new class, start up an exercise program, go on a few dates (when you’re ready), go out with your friends, dive into work and get that promotion you’ve wanted. The key is to live your life again and move on.


My name is Amanda Itzkoff, MD. I am a New York City based Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

For additional information about getting over a breakup, or other relationship or mental health issues, please feel free to email our office at Amanda.Itzkoff@gmail.com.

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Be Well!

dr. amanda.

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