Bipolar Disorder

bipolar disorder treatment

Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Manhattan New York City with Award Winning Psychiatrist Dr. Amanda Itzkoff, MD.

Have you found yourself hindered by bipolar disorder?

Bipolar Disorder, also known as manic depressive disorder can be an incredibly exhausting disorder to struggle with. It’s notorious for causing sudden and overwhelming mood swings from euphoria to deep depression. These mood swings effect the patients sleeping habits, social habits, eating habits and activity levels as their energy dips and surges with the disorder.

Battling bipolar disorder can be an all-consuming challenge. The nature of the disorder is volatile and rapid making it hard to anticipate and curb symptoms. Family and friends can quite often be intimidated by the ferociousness of the symptoms of bipolar disorder which can have an isolating effect on the patient that drives them deeper into the illness.

Amanda Itzkoff, MD is an award winning psychiatrist in Manhattan, NYC with a rich career in helping people battle bipolar disorder with successful results. Isolation and alienation are never the answer. Dr. Itzkoff will lend constructive, compassionate support and suggest new tools to help you achieve happiness and wellness. Each person has the power to lead a fulfilling, content life. Dr. Itzkoff looks forward to helping you bring the joy back into yours.

Dr. Itzkoff Helps Patients Find an Effective Bipolar Treatment and Supports Patients Suffering from the Following Other Mental Illnesses:

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