NYC Psychiatry & Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

A Compassionate Word to Our Patients during this Unprecedented Time

With each passing day, New York City feels more and more like the epicenter of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. The well-being of our patients is at the forefront of our thoughts in the face of this new threat. Mental healthcare must be accessible, now more so than ever, but it must be administered in a manner that’s safe for both patient and staff.

Introducing Confidential and Accessible Telepsychiatry at NYC Psychiatry

Rest assured that NYC Psychiatry is here for you during this crisis. Many New Yorkers who are practicing social distancing while living in small spaces may be facing unique challenges to their mental health. We are pleased to be assisting these groups of people to ensure their mental well-being.

Like many of our colleagues, we’re pleased to offer telepsychiatry appointments for our patients. In an effort to maintain social distancing we’re encouraging our existing patient base to make use of this confidential and accessible tool. Please contact our office if your mental health is struggling under these unfamiliar conditions.

Limited In-Person Appointments Available

We have very limited availability to accept new psychopharmacology or psychotherapy patients while we focus on treating our current patients during this stressful time. If we’re not able to take your case at this time, we will place you on a waiting list, and contact you when we start taking new cases for these services again. 

We continue to offer our patients urgent ketamine and TMS, when treatment is justified. We will work with you to assess the risks and benefits of any in person treatment, in your particular case. 

Should you require an in person treatment we have developed new protocols for the safety of both patients and staff. Staff will reach out to you prior to any in person appointment to review these protocols. Feel free to contact the office, if you have any questions about how these protocols would be applied to your case. 

To book an appointment please contact our office at (917)-982-2184.

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