Addiction Treatment

Substance Abuse Counseling and Addiction Treatment in Manhattan, NY

Dr. Amanda Itzkoff, a leading New York psychiatrist, works closely with adults and adolescents facing drug and alcohol addiction. She provides alcohol and drug addiction counseling, as well as behavior therapy for gambling addiction, food addiction, and other addiction behaviors. Addiction patients commonly suffer from psychiatric issues such as depression or mood disorders. Dr. Itzkoff will carefully diagnose any contributing conditions and help you manage those in accord with your addiction.


Each person and each addiction is unique. Your addiction therapy may consist of talk therapy alone or may evolve to include a combination of psychotherapy counseling and medication for addiction. Dr. Itzkoff is a trusted and compassionate psychiatrist who helps guide your path to addiction recovery and safely manages your symptoms of withdrawal.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Addiction Therapy can Include:

Dr. Itzkoff’s non-judgmental, collaborative care will help you uncover ways to enjoy life free of your addiction triggers and successfully deal with those that are unavoidable. The central goals of her care are wellness, happiness, and a productive, addiction-free life.

The Most Effective Addiction Treatment is a Safe, Collaborative Environment

Addiction is a chronic but treatable illness that requires a continually supportive and constructive environment. Individual therapy will give you insight into the cause of your addiction and the tools to effectively manage it. As needed, Dr. Itzkoff may also offer family counseling or couples therapy to restore relationships and strengthen your support system.

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