Brexanolone is Here!

Brexanolone is Now Available at NYC Psychiatry!

The Only FDA Approved Medication Specifically Designed to Treat Postpartum Depression

It is common for women to experience postpartum depression that lingers for days or even weeks after childbirth. But for severely depressed mothers who have difficulty bonding with their infant and who are struggling with everyday activities, a relatively new, single-use medication may be the solution.

In the most severe cases, depressed mothers can even pose a risk to themselves or to their child. Less severe but still troubling problems associated with postpartum depression include anxiety, eating disorders and experiencing a sense of worthlessness.

Brexanolone is the Key

Brexanolone, branded as ZULRESSO™, is the only medication on the market that is specifically approved to treat postpartum depression. The key to Brexanolone’s effectiveness is that it provides a synthetic form of the neurosteroid allopregnanolone that decreases after childbirth. Allopregnanolone is instrumental for mood regulation and can provide a sense of well-being.

Unlike traditional antidepressant medications like Prozac and Zoloft that take several weeks to take effect, Brexanalone has the ability to make an immediate beneficial impact on a woman’s outlook. Three recent clinical trials showed that most women experienced improvements within hours.

Lauded by physicians as having the potential to be a long-term effective solution. Just a single dose of the drug is needed to help, a 60 hour IV is required that is administered under medical supervision.

Clinical Trials have Demonstrated Treatment Benefits

In clinical trials that evaluated the effectiveness of Brexanolone versus a placebo, severely depressed women improved their depression scores by 3.7-5.5 points. The depression scale used denotes a maximum score of 52 points. At the present time, Brexanolone is only available in the brand form ZULRESSO™ and it is now available at NYC Psychiatry.

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