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Seasonal Affective Disorder: The Impact Autumn and Winter can Have on Your Health

  The autumn and winter seasons are looked forward to with great anticipation by many as the weather gets cooler and a new host of responsibilities kick-off in September. With the holiday season to look forward to it’s often a season people find to be motivating, uplifting and comforting. There are however many who look […] Read more…

Suicide is Preventable

Suicide Prevention: Know The Warning Signs

It is essential to understand the signs and symptoms of increased suicide risk. I am writing this article because September is National Suicide Awareness & Prevention Month. In future blog posts, I will be writing a series on how to properly open a conversation with someone who is potentially suicidal. I will also discuss how […] Read more…


5 Popular Misconceptions about Psychiatry

Historically, mental illness is a subject that is often met with discomfort, skepticism, and fear. As a result, the world of Psychiatry, unless a person has actually seen a Psychiatrist, or knows someone who has, is often met with these same feelings of skepticism. In fact, here are five misconceptions that many Psychiatrists, like myself, […] Read more…