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Please Be Aware of the Increasing Rates of Physician Suicide

For many people in the general public, there is an air of invincibility about their physicians. Walking into a doctor’s office seems like a one-way street: a patient comes in with a problem, and their doctor is there to solve it.  But the painful truth is that not only are doctors human, they actually suffer […] Read more…


Healthcare Professionals: Understand The Types Of Suicidal Behavior And How To Best Help Your Patient

This is an incredibly important article for all healthcare professionals. Suicide (and suicidal thoughts/behaviors) are among the most important issues healthcare providers will need to communicate about.  However, the terms we use to describe these behaviors can be confusing, at a time when we must get it right. I found Dr. Rajnish Mango’s writing on how to define and […] Read more…


Suicide Prevention: The Essential Role Played By Health Care Providers

Suicide prevention is possible. Additionally, studies show that health care providers can have a much greater influence on preventing suicide than what is typically understood or assumed. In fact, according to a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, almost half (45%) of individuals who die by suicide have visited a primary care provider […] Read more…