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The Internal and External Triggers of PTSD

The physical and emotional strain of PTSD can become a struggle for some people and it can linger in the form of panic attacks and other behavioral manifestations that interfere with daily life.  The residual effects of a shocking or scary event can continue for months (or even longer,) and make people feel stressed and […] Read more…


Students: 10 Tips For Managing The Stress From Finals.

Recent studies show that more than 65% of students feel high to extreme levels of stress. If you’re a current student, this probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. It might seem that every spare minute (and even minutes you cant spare) is spent worrying – about your current assignments, about your future plans, […] Read more…


Panic Disorder and Treatment

Panic disorder affects roughly six million people in the United States and it has an extremely high comorbidity rate with major depression. And, like many other mental illnesses, panic disorder affects more women than men. What is Panic Disorder? It is a sudden and repeated attacks of fear that last for several minutes are longer. This […] Read more…